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Canada Is Getting Sued Over Sidewalk Labs’ ‘Smart City’ In Toronto

The Google affiliate's Quayside project has been hit by a massive legal challenge from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association targeting all three levels of government.
Jordan Pearson
Sidewalk Labs

Why Does Google Want to Hand Its Smart City Data to a Third Party 'Civic Data Trust?'

Sidewalk Labs says nobody should own data collected from residents in Toronto's Quayside "smart city," but critics say the tech giant shouldn't be driving the conversation.
Jordan Pearson
Sidewalk Labs

Toronto Advisor Resigns Over Data Concerns with Google's Smart City Project

Sidewalk Lab's plan to redevelop a 12-acre swath of Toronto has been beset by concerns over surveillance and data handling.
Jordan Pearson

Google Is Still Planning a ‘Smart City’ in Toronto Despite Major Privacy Concerns

After nine months, the new deal between Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto is still light on details about data, surveillance, and privacy.
Bianca Wylie

Is Sidewalk Labs Building a Brotopia on Toronto's Waterfront?

The details of a Google affiliate's billion-dollar real-estate project are shrouded in secrecy.
Tracey Lindeman
Sidewalk Labs

Google Wants to Build the ‘City of the Future’ in Toronto, and Locals Are Worried

Affordable housing activists were out at a town hall to make themselves heard.
Jacob Dubé

What the LinkNYC Project Means for the Average New Yorker

The future is about to get a bit more evenly distributed, thanks to ads.
Alix Jean-Pharuns