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Sigur Rós Releases an Hour of Beautiful New Music Called 'Liminal'

It's the first instalment of a new "endless mixtape" that will be continually added to by the band.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Sigur Rós Reportedly Investigated For Tax Evasion, Then Cleared

The Icelandic post-rockers said in a statement that they had $8 million worth of assets frozen thanks to an accounting error.
Phil Witmer
Weed Week

Sigur Rós Had a Weird Sound Bath Party For Their Weed Gumdrops

Beds, dancers in transparent robes, and an original ambient score were involved.
David Bienenstock
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump foreign policy changing by the hour, first female Muslim judge in US found dead in Hudson River, David Dao takes legal action against United Airlines, and more.
VICE Staff
Noisey News

We Really Want to Know What Kind of Overwrought Feelings Sigur Rós' New Weed Edibles Might Taste Like

You'd better believe these are flavored with berries from the Nordic wilderness.
Phil Witmer
Noisey News

Listen to a New Version of Sigur Rós' Wildly Atmospheric “Hoppípolla”

The veteran post-rockers have recorded a new version of the track to accompany the BBC's "Planet Earth II".
Lauren O'Neill
The Greatest Things Of All Time

We Reimagined the Logos of Your Favorite Bands

More than ever, success in the music biz requires a savvy sense of branding, so we tweaked some band logos to be more suited for the era at hand.
Kyle Kramer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Sigur Rós Play a New Song Live, "Óveður"

Hopefully the signs of a new record in the immediate future.
John Hill
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Julianna Barwick's New Album Is Sending Shivers down Our Spines

Stream 'Will' over at NPR.
Michael Scott Barron

Counterpoint: Sigur Rós Is Actually Good and Here's Why

We've examined the Innis and the ()s of the matter, and we have an answer.
Kyle Kramer
do they actually suck?

Is Sigur Ros Just Music for Adult Babies?

This anaemic post-rock is for people who can't face reality, but like having their own tea-making routines.
Josh Baines
Longreads Or Whatever

Iceland's Bang Gang Is an Art-Pop Oddity

Few musicians have penned an erotic comedy show AND an opera about red wine rivers and incest. We travel to Reykjavik to meet the celebrated and underrated Barði Jóhannsson.
Kim Taylor Bennett