Silent Hills

All in Your Head

The Most Terrifying Games Let Players Create Their Own Fear

'Allison Road,' an upcoming first-person narrative survival horror game, seeks to lock players in their heads with no discernible way out.
Brittany Vincent
All in Your Head

Saving 'P.T.'

Konami wants the short horror game to disappear, but fans won't let it.
Rollin Bishop
VICE vs Video games

With ‘Shenmue 3’ and ‘The Last Guardian’ Coming, What’s Left for Gamers to Dream Of?

From "Half-Life 3" to anything strong from the SEGA stable, here are the games we're still thirsty for.
Sean Thomas

Konami Developers Were Asked to Clean Gyms, Work at Pachinko Machine Factory

New report describes horrible conditions at the Silent Hills and Metal Gear developer.
Emanuel Maiberg
VICE vs Video games

VICE Gaming’s E3 2015 Wish List

Most of this won't happen. But some of it just might.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

Konami, Like Atari, Is Risking Its Legacy in Striving for Longevity

"Silent Hills" canned, Kojima on the way out, and mobile gaming on the horizon: Are the company's casualties worth its future profits?
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

Lamenting the Loss of ‘Silent Hills’ and ‘P.T.’

Own a PS4 but not "P.T."? Get it now before it disappears, perhaps forever.
Steve Haske

'Silent Hills' Is the Latest Sign that Japan Is Losing Interest in AAA Games

Changes at the legendary game company reflect monumental shifts in Japanese markets. Strange days ahead.
Zack Kotzer
The Russia Issue

Can Anyone Actually Understand Why Hideo Kojima Is Leaving Konami?

According to widespread rumors, the developer is going to part ways with its most famous auteur, but from the outside this move makes very little sense.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

Ten Things I Hate About Video Games in 2015

Video games are great! Except for when they're wrapped up in shit we don't need. Which happens a lot.
Jonathan Beach