Silvio Berlusconi


An Italian Explains Berlusconi and the Rise of Italian Populism to Me, an American

After insurgents cleaned up in the Italian election, the disgraced three-time prime minister is somehow relevant again.
Eve Peyser
game changers

Game Changers: Arrigo Sacchi & AC Milan

Arrigo Sacchi led AC Milan to successive European Cups in 1989 and 1990. "I didn't do it because I wanted to write history," he later recalled. "I did it because I wanted to give 90 minutes of joy to people."
Daniel Storey

Putin Drank a 240-Year-Old Bottle of Crimean Wine and Ukrainians Are Pissed

The Massandra winery’s director Yanina Pavlenko popped a bottle of wine for Putin and Italian media kingpin Silvio Berlusconi that was from 1775 and considered historically significant.
Hilary Pollack

Italian Soccer is Full of Racism, Same as Everywhere Else

Recent racist comments by an Italian soccer legend illuminate the racism present throughout Italian society and the world as a whole.
Zito Madu

Draws, Death, and Beauty: What's Left of the Milan Derby

Once a touchstone event in soccer, the Milan Derby is a shadow of what it once was thanks to UEFA regulations.
Colin McGowan
This Week in Racism

Former Italian Prime Minister Dressed up Strippers to Look Like Barack Obama

According to testimony given during the prostitution trial of his three former aides, Italy's former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was alleged to have dressed women up like Barack Obama, and had them perform stripteases. Now, I am not here to debate...
Dave Schilling
devil's advocate

In Defense of Silvio Berlusconi

Hello readers, my name is Giovanni Di Stefano. That's me up there, with Roger Moore! I am a "lawyer" known as the Devil's Advocate, because I have defended the indefensible, from Baghdad to Birmingham, from Saddam Hussein to Charles Manson. Now, for...
Giovanni Di Stefano
Motherboard Blog

Sorry, World: Silvio Berlusconi's Fortune Teller Has Bad News

When he was just another millionaire businessman, Silvio Berlusconi consulted with Teodora Stefanova, an alien-communicating psychic, who told him he would become prime minister. Her reward for being right: fame, fortune and the chance to tell millions...

Silvio Berlusconi's Swan Dive

I don't know enough about economics to tell you if we'll be able to solve this crisis without an IMF bailout, but I know enough about my country to tell you that it will be very boring without Silvio.
Tim Small