Simon Cottee


What It Feels Like to Lose Your Kids to ISIS

In Trinidad, I met the father of two children who were abducted and taken to Syria.


Tracking the Online Life of a Female ISIS Recruiter from the UK

Umm Muthanna al-Britannia has documented her defection to the "Islamic State" on social media. From ISIS controlled territory in Syria, she recently tweeted, "I came here to die. I will not leave till I get what I came here for..."


Why the UK Government's Anti-Terror Proposals Are Dangerously Shortsighted

Banning contemptible viewpoints isn't going to stop anyone from having them. In fact, it may provoke a further hardening of those beliefs, and perhaps even a violent reassertion of them by their adherents.


It Doesn't Matter That Islam Inspired the 'Charlie Hebdo' Attacks

What's imperative is to demonstrate that those who believe it was an act of "true" Islam are wrong.


Choosing Family or Freedom: The Trials of 'Coming Out' as an Ex-Muslim in Britain

I spoke to a number of atheists from Muslim backgrounds who are still firmly in the closet.