emergency preparedness

Smartphone Data Predicts How Survivors Would Respond to Nuke Attack on DC

What would happen if a nuclear bomb detonated over K Street?
Becky Ferreira
Two Points Hospital

'Theme Hospital' Was a Satire of the Terrible American Healthcare System

Two spiritual successors were for the simulation game were announced recently. Hopefully they keep the original's message.
Matthew Gault
outer limits

The People Who Think Outside Is an Immersive Video Game

Posts on r/Outside have a mind-expanding quality that encourages you to think about the world in a way you likely haven’t before.
Louise Matsakis

Can 40 Penguins with Machine Guns Kill a Triceratops? 'Beast Battle Simulator' Knows

Beast on beast action has never been so hot.
Matthew Gault

I Surfed a Perfect Man-Made Wave in the Heart of Texas

A decades-long swell of wave-generating technologies is finally catching a break.
Campbell Watson
Big Sur

'American Truck Simulator' Is Closing a Virtual Highway Because of a Landslide IRL

"Its reopening in our 'American Truck Simulator' will depend entirely on real world events."
Emanuel Maiberg
Windows 95

This Game Simulates the Thrill of Working On a Computer

You can almost feel the fluorescent overhead lighting.
Samantha Cole
space rocks

Watch a Supercomputer's Fever Dream of the Chelyabinsk Asteroid Flameout

Understanding the dynamics of asteroid airbursts will make us better prepared for them.
Becky Ferreira
Is This the Real Life?

Behold, the Largest Simulated Universe Ever Made

25 billion galaxies populated with 2 trillion particles will help calibrate a satellite on the hunt for dark matter.
Daniel Oberhaus
Unreal Tournament

Remembering ‘Esc’, the Virtual Nightclub That Never Was

A nightclub so exclusive that no one has ever heard of it.
Daniel Oberhaus
space sim

Longtime 'Star Citizen' Backers Want Its New Referral Contest to Die in a Black Hole

New referral program emphasizes high-profile streamers, invites players to wildly unfinished game.
Leif Johnson

What Will Happen to Gaming's Most Ambitious Experiment When Its Creators Die?

The 'Dwarf Fortress' developer duo ensures the future of their decades-long simulation development project by gifting the code to archivists in their will.
Jess Joho