data breach

American Who Leaked HIV Status of Thousands in Singapore Found Guilty

A scandal that rocked Asia ends in a Kentucky courtroom.
Maria Gabriella Pezzo
Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp Banned Again in Sri Lanka After Violence Against Muslims

It’s part of a worrisome trend of governments blocking citizens' internet access
Tim Marcin

I Was on a Plane and the Pilot Announced There Was a Bomb on It

“Mom, are we going to be ok? Are we going to reach Changi?"
Vijay Singh
Hanoi summit

The Trump-Kim lovefest is back in action

Donald Trump rekindled his love affair with Kim Jong Un during their second in-person meeting on Wednesday.
David Gilbert
data breach

This Kentucky man has a stolen database of HIV-positive people in Singapore. He's not afraid to use it.

The American man accused of leaking Singapore's HIV registry wants you to listen to him.
Carter Sherman
Maria Gabriella Pezzo

'The Bachelor' Needs to Get Over Its Problems with 'Exotic' Food

The show's trip to Singapore was the latest in a long line of cringeworthy segments about non-American cuisine.
Bethany Ao

Singapore Is Threatening to Ban LGBTQ Citizens from Adopting Children

The government is considering changing its laws after a gay father won the right to adopt his biological son last year.
Gavin Butler

I Spent a Day at the 'World's Best Airport' and It Was Pretty Good

Singapore's Changi International Airport has more amenities than anyone could ever hope to experience in one visit, so I tried to do them all in under five hours.
Justin Caffier
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The 'Crazy Rich Asians' Sequel Is Already in the Works

The film, featuring an all-Asian cast, has dominated the box office in its first week in theaters.
River Donaghay
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump's 'Amazing' North Korea Summit Brought Dennis Rodman to Tears

"It's a great day."
River Donaghey
Trump-Kim summit

Watch the fake movie trailer the White House made for Kim Jong Un

Cameos by noted symbols of peace, Sylvester Stallone, wild horses, and speedboats.
Alex Lubben
Trump-Kim summit

12 things you need to know about the Trump-Kim summit

"I know a lot about airplanes."
David Gilbert