Singapore summit


North Korea is making sure its nukes survive if the U.S. strikes

U.N. monitors reported they had observed “a consistent trend on the part of North Korea to disperse its assembly, storage and testing locations.”


A second summit between Trump and Kim sounds like a waste of time. Here's why that could be wrong.

“For those of us who have actually participated in negotiations with North Korea, all of these signs are interesting."


Trump plans a second North Korea meeting after Kim ignored the “deal” struck at their first

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump received a “very warm” letter from the Hermit Kingdom's leader.


Trump's Meeting with Kim Jong-un Spawned Some Ridiculous Memes

Whether or not any diplomatic progress was made, at least we'll always have the memes.


Trump dumped Kim because he thought Kim was going to dump him

No head’s up was given to congressional leaders or key stakeholders such as South Korea.


No one seems to want the Trump-Kim summit to happen — especially Trump and Kim

North Korea threatened to “make the U.S. taste an appalling tragedy it has neither experienced nor even imagined.”


Trump’s big summit with Kim Jong Un is looking very shaky

"It could be a pretty short meeting in Singapore."