Ride Along: The Gonzo Twins are NCAA Athletes and Instagram Stars

Who are the Gonzo Twins? That depends on who you ask.
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Watch Our Interview with the Patriotic Preteen Girls Singing Donald Trump's Praises

VICE travels to Florida to catch up with the USA Freedom Kids—a preteen girl group spreading Trump-style American pride with their songs.
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A 12-Year-Old Japanese Singer Went into a Coma After Inhaling Helium

12-year-old member of singing a group called 3B Junior is awake now, but she still can't move. It's a good reminder that breathing helium is a goofy—but real—way to die.
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"Weird Al" Yankovic Sat Down with Us to Explain How He Conquered the Internet

It wasn't until I actually saw him stroll into the lobby that I really believed the reigning King of the Internet could take a moment away from darting all over the digital landscape to talk to the likes of me. It ended up being a long conversation.
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Paris Hilton Is the Most Underrated Pop Star of All Time

Everyone knows Paris Hilton is a reality TV veteran, heiress, and successful businesswoman, but people forget that she's also one of the greatest pop stars of all time.
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We Asked a Psychologist How Fame Fucked Over Robin Thicke

Did the feminist punching bag only sell 530 because of arrogance? Or because he sucks? We called Nadine Field—a psychologist who specializes in fame and celebrity—to find out.
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So You Love the Sound of Your Own Voice

OK, you've got a decent voice. Now what?

Meet Carl Tanner: Bounty Hunter, Trucker, Operatic Tenor

He packed a sawed-off shotgun back in his bounty hunting days and carried it right out in front so everyone could see. Under his black leather jacket was a 9mm Beretta, and on his ankle a .25, just in case. “I was in my late 20s,” Carl Tanner began. He...
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