Sinjin Hawke

Noisey Mix

Iglooghost's Noisey Mix Is... Whew

The English maximalist celebrates his new EPs with a mix of Italian ambient music, jittery rap remixes, and unreleased fire from fellow futurists.
Colin Joyce
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Listen to Zora Jones’ Jubilant Remix of Sinjin Hawke’s “Snow Blind”

The remix from Sinjin’s fellow Fractal Fantasy co-founder comes a week after the producer’s debut album First Opus.
Rachel Kraus
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You Can Stream Sinjin Hawke's Debut Album Now

The "Wolves" producer and Fractal Fantasy co-founder has shared 'First Opus.'
Alexander Iadarola

We Moshed in Sub-Zero Temperatures to Snails' Vomitstep at Canada's Coldest Festival

"I think of Igloofest as a religion, or just a poutine—it's something people from here are proud of."
Erik Leijon

Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones Break Down the Best of Fractal Fantasy

The Fractal Fantasy collective is finally releasing an album, 'Visceral Minds," so the founders explained the stories of some of the group's greatest hits.
Ezra Marcus
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Here's a Gold Mine of Dystopian Club Tracks from Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones' Fractal Fantasy

A new compilation called 'Visceral Minds' unlocks a trove of club bangers from MikeQ, P. Morris, DJ Taye, L-Vis 1990 and more.
Michelle Lhooq
Holy Shit

The Turn Up Is Strong in This One: Listen to Sicko Mobb's New Mixtape 'Mulah'

We are wealthy with new tracks from the Chicago bop maestros.
Kyle Kramer
The Selfie Files

The Selfie Files: Sinjin Hawke

Taking the bathroom mirror pic to the next level.
Ezra Marcus
New music

Listen to the Devil's Daughter mix of Sinjin Hawke and Gangsta Boo's "Yea Hoe"

Burn rubber for Satan to this one.
Ezra Marcus