The Standing Rock Sioux Just Won a 'Major Victory' in Court

The battle over the Dakota Access pipeline continues.


The Final, Messy, Defiant Days of the Standing Rock Camps

Defying the government and even the local tribes, a stubborn group of activists remains camped out in North Dakota.


Proposed North Dakota law would protect drivers who hit Standing Rock protesters

Several confrontations erupted this week between police and protesters at Standing Rock camps in North Dakota.


New VICELAND Series 'RISE' to Debut at Sundance

One of the episodes screening will be "Sacred Water," which focuses on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation's resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Victory for protesters as the Dakota Access pipeline is halted, PizzaGate becomes real-life gun scare in Washington, DC, first Oakland fire victims identified, and more.


Protestors Claim Victory, Army Corps Denies Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline

It comes after a weekend in which musicians came out in force to support those at Standing Rock.


The Standing Rock 'Water Protectors' Vow to Stay No Matter What the Government Does

The government has ordered the protesters to move by December 5 or face potential trespassing charges, and lots of them seem prepared to go with the latter.


A Montage of the Faces of Standing Rock Sioux | Insta of the Week

It's easy to get lost in the details of the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy, but this Thanksgiving let's remember the people who will be affected.


'We’re Not Going to Go to War': The Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Preaches Peace and Patience

"When I look at that camp, I always think: What's going to happen when this is over? Who's going to clean that up? Who's going to put that land back to its natural state?"


Protesters at Standing Rock Don't Care Winter Is Coming

Even as the temperature drops and inhabitants of the Standing Rock camp winterize their teepees and tents, they say that they won't be leaving, and that there's no place in world they'd rather be.


How the Government Reached Out to Native Americans in the Wake of the Dakota Pipeline Fight

Intent on preventing another PR disaster, the government held a meeting with tribes in Phoenix.