Sisters Uncut


How Feminist Activists Sisters Uncut Invaded the 2018 BAFTAs Red Carpet

We speak to one of the demonstrators who stormed the awards ceremony to protest UK prime minister Theresa May and her proposed government bill on domestic violence.
Sirin Kale

Meet the Activists Occupying a British Prison

Activists want the government to turn the shuttered prison into a women's refuge center.
Jade Jackman

Feminist Activists Occupy Women's Prison After 10-Hour Standoff with Police

Holloway Prison was once home to suffragettes and serial killers. Now Sisters Uncut have occupied the former jail for the common good.
Anaïs Brémond

Inside the Anti-Domestic Violence Protests That Took Over London

Direction action group Sisters Uncut blocked off bridges all over the UK to protest cuts made to domestic abuse services. We joined them as they stopped traffic one on of London's busiest roads.
Jessica Bateman
domestic violence

Two-Thirds of Domestic Violence Shelters May Be Forced to Close

British domestic violence campaigners warn that two out of three refuges will close under new government funding changes. A government spokesperson responds to the claims.
Sirin Kale

Radical Protesters Shut Down London's Eurostar Terminal in Solidarity with Refugees

The point, they said, was to highlight how the British government is protecting borders rather than people.
Michael Segalov

How Feminist Protesters Invaded the Red Carpet Premiere of 'Suffragette'

This is the inside story of how Sisters Uncut, Britain's most radical direct action group, turned a glitzy film event into a passionate cry for equal rights.
Reni Eddo-Lodge