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Skaters Put an Art-Deco Half-Pipe Inside an Iconic 1920s Skyscraper

Everard Findlay brought an extreme sports installation to Albert Kahn's landmark Detroit architecture, the Fisher Building.
Ryan Patrick Hooper

You Can Thrash This Pop Art Skate Park

Artist Andrew Schoultz keeps the edge alive with his 'Infinity Plaza' skate park in Miami.
Anthony Pappalardo
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A Quebec Mayor Made Up a Story About an Injured Teen to Badmouth a Skatepark

"It was not my best idea ever," Jean-François Parenteau admitted.
Manisha Krishnan

Pearl Jam’s Bassist Has Personally Funded More Than a Dozen Skateboard Parks in the Midwest

Jeff Ament has used his fame and success to help build skateparks all over Montana and South Dakota, many on Native American reservations.
Chris Nieratko

The Internet Is Losing Its Shit Over Moms Losing Their Shit at Skate Parks

The narrative of a suburban mother with an axe to grind at the quarter pipe seems to have stuck with the internet.
Brian Anderson

Bolivia Has a Fancy New Skatepark

As the saying goes: “Skateboarding is so hot right now," and thanks to the sport's global popularity, more and more companies are trying to target the youth demographic.
Chris Nieratko

The Trials and Tribulations of Building a Skatepark in India

Holy Stoked, a small collective based in Bangalore, India, is working to create a community of skaters in a country where many people have never even seen a skateboard. Parks are important to any young skate scene, so Holy Stoked got some funding and...
Jonathan Smith