Proud Boys

The NYPD is still rounding up Proud Boys over violent Manhattan brawl

That brings the total number of arrests to five.
Tess Owen
Far right

Cuomo calls for FBI and New York hate crime investigation into Proud Boys violence

This weekend in New York, the Proud Boys were filmed pummeling one man and calling him a “faggot,” and bragging about kicking another “foreigner” in the head.
Tess Owen
Decoding Extremism

Learn to Spot the Secret Signals of Far-Right Fashion

A new sociology book explores how the style of right-wing youth subcultures has evolved in Europe and what's come to replace the racist skinhead.
Allie Conti

Photos of Life As a Young Skinhead

We had a chat with photographer Gavin Watson about his new book, We Were Here 79–89.
Biju Belinky, Photos: Gavin Watson

Lars Fredericksen Talks Growing Up Oi! and the Tragic Death of Runnin' Riot's Colin McQuillan

Lars opens up about his salad days and The Old Firm Casuals' tragic European tour.

Wrestling Is Punk as Fuck: Lars Frederiksen of Rancid and The Old Firm Casuals on PCP and CM Punk

Why this skinhead punk lifer is a self-described “wrestling super nerd."

Behold: the World's Biggest Archive of Skinhead Ephemera

We talked to Toby Mott about punk, fascism, and other incarnations of the skinhead movement, all of which are explored in his forthcoming book, Skinhead – An Archive.
Amelia Abraham
The Film That Made Me...

‘American History X’ Was the Film That Taught Me a Lesson About Masculinity

It's just a shame the benchmark of masculinity that it set revolved around a violent, racist scumbag.
Michael Pattison

Rev. James Logsdon Doesn’t Know Art, but He Knows He Likes Racist Art

I found these paintings on the homepage of the Creativity Movement, a self-professed religion promoting “White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination and White Liberation via 100 percent legal activism.”
Julian Morgans

Meet the Malaysian Neo-Nazis Fighting for a Pure Malay Race

They realize that Nazis generally don't like Asian people, but apparently that doesn't matter. I was told that the most popular Malay power band is an act named Boot Axe, so I got in touch with band member Mr. Slay to find out why exactly a group of...
Nick Chester

A Skinhead from Guatemala Tells It Like It Is

In what can be possibly be the only other immediate link between British and NYC youth of the 1980s (besides jerking off to Madonna videos), the Skinhead movement battered the face of underground music. While the kids of London were mainly angry and...
John Liam Policastro
The Hate Issue

A Fascist Vs. A Nationalist Vs. A Socialist

It's not easy getting three groups that hate each other to sit in a room and have a civil discussion about their differences.
VICE Staff