This Hooligan Wants to Bring British Soccer Gangs to the US

We spoke to Derek "Diablo" Alvarez, who founded the Miami Casuals and plans to turn hooliganism into a joint US-UK combat sport.
Nick Chester
a brief history of

A Brief But Very Informative History of How Fascists Infiltrated Punk and Metal

Since the 1970s, fascists have been trying to push their ideology on punks and metalheads by cloaking it in esotericism and "free expression."
Alexander Reid Ross
Remembering Things

Skins, Smack, and 'SNL': 80s New York Hardcore With Agnostic Front's Roger Miret

Read an exclusive excerpt from Miret's new book that looks back at the wild days of New York City hardcore.
Tim Scott
Life Inside

Why I Finally Left My Prison Skinhead Gang

White supremacists were my family, until my own horrible act of violence against a friend showed me I had to walk away.
Daniel J. Royston

Soul Boys, Ravers, and Pillheads: Sweaty Photos of Classic British Club Culture

We got a special selection of images from <i>Lost in Music</i>, an upcoming photography exhibition that charts the history of dance music and club culture in the UK.
Jamie Clifton

Napalm Death's Barney Greenway Still Hates Fascists and Will Wear a Justin Bieber T-Shirt to Prove It

Middle age definitely hasn't mellowed these Birmingham grindcore OGs.
Kim Kelly

Roger Miret on Pre-'United Blood' Recordings and Why You Can't Trust a Hardcore Kid Who Doesn't Listen to Punk

Stream three tracks from their unearthed 'No One Rules' sessions too!
Tony Rettman

These Former Skinheads Are Fighting Racism

For those skins who repent—who repudiate their white-power ideals—achieving any sort of atonement is a lengthy journey.
Luke Winkie

The New English Library Was the Sleazy King of British Pulp Publishing

Punks, mods, Hells Angels, and corrupt cops all had their place in the cult 1970s publishing stable.
Harry Sword
Longreads Or Whatever

Nearly Every Major Online Retailer Is Selling White Power Music

Why is no one talking about this?
Noisey Staff

From White American Youth to Life After Hate: Former Racist Skinhead Vocalist Pens Memoir About His Road to Peace

At 15 years old, he was the unlikely leader of a skinhead gang.
Jamie Ludwig
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

The Streets' Mike Skinner Gives a History Lesson on Skinheads for Dr. Martens

If the Streets' Mike Skinner ever wanted to leave music behind, he could easily have a second career as a history teacher.
Marissa G. Muller