These Popular Instagram Accounts Are Selling Human Remains

People are racking up thousands of followers with picturesque images of skulls, shrunken heads, and babies in jars.
Beckett Mufson

Cracking the Cranial Vault: What It Feels Like to Perform Brain Surgery

It felt medieval when I put her in pins. It was my first time peeling down scalp and opening the skull of living human, a thrill unlike any other. Ten years and thousands of surgeries later, the experience is still branded into my own head.
Dr. Rahul Jandial
Post Mortem

Every Human Skull Is a Beautiful Snowflake

A new exhibit at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia explores the beauty and individuality of human skulls.
Simon Davis

You Can Buy a Human Skull for $750 at This Toronto Store

If you need a real human skull in Canada, there is only one place to get it.
Alexandra Heck

Photographs of the Weird and Beautiful Ways the Dead Are Memorialized Around the World

We talked to Paul Koudounaris about decorating skulls, burying bodies, and "Memento Mori," his latest book.
Simon Davis

This Artist Is Crushing His Dead Father's Skull to Work Through Their 'Weird Relationship'

In using his late father's skull to clone his own, Lee Wagstaff aims to explore the pair's estranged relationship, as well as themes of religious worship, deification, and eternal life.
Jack Mills

​Learning to Read Corpses at the Texas State Body Farm

I talked with Dr. Daniel Wescott, director of the Texas State Forensic Anthropology Center, about how bodies decompose in the wild and what our bones say about us.
Roc Morin

A Visit to the Little Shop Where Hollywood Buys Its Dead Bodies

Dapper Cadaver is where the prop masters of your favorite movies and TV shows shop. Sure you could make your own corpses from scratch, but when there's a shop that offers medically realistic dead bodies, not just of humans, but of all creatures great...
Nate Miller
Kill the Engine

Simpler Times

In 1987 you could make the cover of 'Thrasher' just by bending down and grabbing your skateboard with both hands.
Michael Sieben