Slacker Made Internet Radio Portable Before Mobile Data Could

Slacker figured out how to make internet radio portable. Unfortunately, they did it as the first iPhone was about to drop.


Twenty Years Later, “Drinking In LA” is Still the Ultimate Existential Slacker Anthem

Bran Van 3000's most famous song is so drunk that someone literally shouts “BEER!” in the second chorus.


Students Tell Us Why They Failed Their Classes

School sucks when you suck at it.


'Slacker' Was the Film That Showed Me How to Get Lost

Richard Linklater's lazy Gen X indie flick taught me that sometimes, it's OK to take the roundabout way.


Talking about 'Boyhood' with Richard Linklater

In this episode of VICE Meets, Reihan Salam and Linklater discuss the inspiration behind his new film, Boyhood, and Linklater's career as a whole. It also includes behind-the-scenes footage from throughout the film’s production.


Video Home Syndrome

Advocate of VHS, videographer John Kelley, documents Brooklyn band, Total Slacker.


So You Want to Visit Austin?

Living in Austin has always been about doing nothing. In the late 70s, while the rest of Texas was hard at work farming or manufacturing or some other bullshit, Austinites were in their own little countercultural world.