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Black Women Making History

Ashley August Isn't Afraid of Rejection

We talked to the actress and award-winning poet about how her bumpy road to stardom empowered her to be even more unapologetically black.
Alexis P. Williams

A Queer Black Poet's Quest for Liberation

Aziza Barnes​ tells us about her journey to find herself in a country ruled by tired notions of race and gender.
Alexis P. Williams

My Brain Is Threatening to Kill Me

Having epilepsy makes bathtubs seem like lethal weapons.
Nathalie Lagerfield
VICE Premiere

Watch Saul Williams's Intense New Music Video

"Burundi" features one of the masters of slam poetry at the top of his game.
Charlie Ambler

Maggie and Me: My Last Days with the Legendary Maggie Estep

Chloe Caldwell recalls her last days with slam poetry legend Maggie Estep, who passed away at age 50 one year ago today.
Chloe Caldwell
the vice reader

Does American Political Poetry Have a Future?

On any given night there are dozens of poetry events in New York City, and among these younger poets the air is thick with a heightened sociopolitical awareness. It would seem likely that we are brimming over with a new political poetry. Maybe, but not...
Robert Fitterman

How Tunisians Are Fighting Free-Speech Limitations With Slam Poetry

For poor Tunisians who couldn’t afford to see a movie, slam poetry offered an alternative. Anyone could read their poetry.
Mat Nashed

How Tunisians Are Fighting Free-Speech Limitations with Slam Poetry

Although the rights to free speech and freedom of assembly have improved significantly since Tunisia’s revolution—an uprising that toppled former dictator Ben Ali in 2010—police have continued to target and beat outspoken artists at public...
Mat Nashed
New music

Here is the Exclusive Premiere of Watsky's New Single "Hey, Asshole," Featuring Kate Nash

Listen to "Hey, Asshole," Watsky's new single featuring our secret redheaded British megacrush Kate Nash.