Eminem Says He's Happy When He's Angry, Which...Makes Sense

The 'Kamikaze' rapper is airing out his grievances in an interview with Sway Calloway.
Kristin Corry
food safety

This Bizarre Video Game Clowns On Trump's Proposed Pig Slaughter Policy

What's better than shooting fecal matter showering from the sky with mustard lasers from a hot dog?
Mayukh Sen
animal welfare

British Slaughterhouses Are Committing Thousands of Animal Welfare Breaches Every Year

A new report from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has found that animal mistreatment is taking place an average of 13 times a day in British abattoirs.
Daisy Meager

Suspected Slaughterhouse Near Tiger Temple Discovered By Thai Authorities

Days after the bodies of 40 tiger cubs were discovered at Tiger Temple, authorities think they have found the site where tigers were slaughtered and dismembered.
Sarah Emerson

Congress May Finally Make It a Crime to Sell Horses for Their Meat

There are no longer any horse slaughterhouses in the United States, but it's still legal for Americans to buy horses and ship them to other countries to be processed as meat.
Luke Winkie

This Virtual Reality Slaughterhouse Could Turn You Vegetarian

A simulated factory farm tour from animal welfare group Animal Equality is traveling the UK to test the meat-eating resolve of anyone willing to strap on the goggles.
Charles Parkinson

Thousands of Lines Redefine the Space of a Former Slaughterhouse

571 meters, 340 hours, and 1645 lines of chalk are what it took artist Maider López to cover the inside of the Matadero Madrid.
Anya Tchoupakov

The Future of Clothes Is Muscle, Blood, and Bone

Scientists like Philipp Stoessel are creating new materials from meat—as in gristle and tendon with a baked potato on the side, meat.
Jessica Thompson

Thousands of Vegans Are Trying to Convince Walmart to Ban This Toy

The petition was started by Veganoso, a Toronto-based vegan activist hoping to ending speciesism, who says that a toy livestock trailer currently sold by Walmart is “normalizing the enslavement and murder of animals to kids”.
Alex Swerdloff

Germany Is Outlawing One of the Egg Industry's Most Brutal Practices

Hundreds of millions of baby chicks are shredded alive every year because they're unable to lay eggs. But German scientists think they may have found a way to end the practice.
Alex Swerdloff

Anthony Scalamere Has the Biggest Balls in Skateboarding

Anthony Scalamere, aka Ragdoll, has a ball the size of a grapefruit seven months after a slam made his testicle slowly fill up with fluid.
Chris Nieratko

A Man Named Chicken Gave Me An Education in Lamb

I made a pilgrimage to Pennsylvania to learn about how local farms are producing some of the best lamb in the United States. In the process, I met a butcher named Chicken who taught me things I didn't expect.
Larissa Zimberoff