Inside the Meat Market that Sells Animals for Sacrifice

“White families go to Dairy Queen, and Hmong families come here.”


Working at a Slaughterhouse Is as Gruesome as You Thought

We hide animal tongues in our friend's lunch and de-plug pig hair from broken machines.


Would Video Surveillance in Slaughterhouses Actually Stop Animal Abuse?

Members of French parliament are calling for cameras to be installed in abbatoirs, but not everyone is convinced that it will have a meaningful impact on the industry.


VICE Canada’s Worst Summer Jobs

From garbage juice to slaughterhouse blood, our Canadian staff has had some pretty disgusting jobs to pay for their summer jollies.


There Is Nothing Pretentious About Being a Vegan

A while back, I received a very angry email from someone about an article I once wrote. In the article, I mentioned that I wasn't a huge fan of eating in pretentious restaurants. I also mentioned that I am a vegan, which this man did not appreciate.


This Slaughterhouse Mural Is Really, Really Creepy

On the walls of a sketchy pork-processing plant in Los Angeles, a massive mural was painted that illustrates the joys of slicing up pigs for food. Perhaps the creepiest part is that, on the high wall of the house where hot dogs are cured, the mural...