North Korea Is Experimenting with a Different Kind of Rocket Fuel for Better Missiles

Kim Jong-un's regime is chugging along in its quest to develop solid-fuel engines for long-range missiles that could send a nuke across the world.


Here's Why Japan and Russia Might Sign a Peace Treaty — 70 Years After the War

Japanese nationalists are insisting that Russia must weaken its own nuclear deterrent to make Japan whole again. Russia doesn't quite agree.


North Korea Is Slowly Learning How to Launch a Ballistic Missile From a Submarine

The failed test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile on Saturday will likely be used as a learning experience as North Korea continues to develop the technology.


Submarines With Wheels, Underwater Blimps, and a New Nuclear Arms Race

A proposal to produce submarines that can interact with the seafloor could lead to a rethinking of oceanic warfare as we know it — and the end of the current nuclear deterrent.


North Korea Aspires to Threaten World with Retro-Soviet Nuclear Deterrent

After a mere two decades of tinkering and fussing, North Korea has apparently done enough restoration work to get one of its vintage Soviet-era submarines out to sea.