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Do You Really Need Netflix?

It's easy to overdo it with streaming services and one-off Amazon downloads.
Jacob Dubé
YouTube Generation

We’re About to Find Out if the ‘YouTube Generation’ Has Any Interest in TV

YouTube TV sounds a lot like PlayStation Vue... and Sling TV, and DirecTV Now.
Chris Brantner
Kill Your TV

People Hate DirecTV Now So Much They’re Complaining to the FCC

Using the Freedom of Information Act, Motherboard obtained a swath of complaints filed to the FCC following DirecTV Now's rocky launch.
Adam Elder

Luckily, Shopping for Cord Cutters Isn’t Too Hard

There's still time to make a would-be cord cutter very happy this holiday season.
Chris Brantner

How DirecTV Now Differs From Sling TV And PlayStation Vue

Like Sling TV and PS Vue, DirecTV Now will let users stream live television channels over the internet, though it’s not without its faults at launch.
Chris Brantner
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Cord Cutters Are Finding Ways to Cope With Comcast’s Data Caps

A 1TB data cap may seem like a lot, but not if you're streaming HD video all day, every day.
Bryan Rose
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There’s Still A Whole Lot We Don't Know About DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now will stream 100 channels over the internet for $35 per month.
Nicholas Deleon
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Blackouts and Price Cripple the NHL’s Streaming Service

Not quite what fans had in mind.
Chris Brantner
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There's No Need for Cable TV During the MLB Playoffs

The MLB playoffs are about to kick off, and here's how you can follow along without traditional cable television.
Chris Brantner
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How to Watch the NFL Without Cable TV

There are plenty of ways to follow the NFL without paying an arm and a leg to your local cable company.
Chris Brantner
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You No Longer Need Cable to Watch the NFL Network

Sling TV is the first streaming service to add the NFL Network, making it dangerously close to the cord cutting ideal for football fans.
Chris Brantner
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Navigating Sling TV's Increasingly Complex Offerings

Sling TV is adding channels, and complexity, to its streaming television offerings.
Chris Brantner