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Why Rural Communities Are Struggling to Provide Emergency Services

As more and more people leave small towns for the city.
VICE Staff

The Night Jack Dempsey Bankrupted a Town

Hoping to garner national attention and draw investors to the small town's newfound oil field, Shelby, Montana went broke hosting a Jack Dempsey fight.
Jack Slack
Festivals 2017

Bon Iver’s Dad Helped Me Discover the Secret Jazz History of His Hometown

How a weekend at Justin Vernon's Eaux Claires festival ended in the back of his dad's pickup and a trip to the dive bar down the road.
Katie Bain
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A Serial Shaver Is Terrorizing Cats in Virginia

At least seven felines have been whisked away from their homes, shaved, and returned otherwise unharmed.
Drew Schwartz

Photographing the Smallest City in the UK

Like Twin Peaks, but without all the murder and stuff.
Alex Ingram

What It's Like Using Tinder in a Small Town

So. Many. Fish. Pics.
Amy Michelle Smith

How to Live, Socialize, and Date in the Maritimes, Canada's Roughest Region

Millennial ennui loses its sting after you've hung in a trailer with a 78-year-old war vet who needs your help bottling homebrew at 11:30 PM.
Julia Wright

We Talked to One of the Three Residents of Australia's Smallest Town

I called Cooladdi's only listed phone number and talked to Roxanne Muller, who is part of the family that makes up 100 percent of the tiny town.
Emma Do

The Town Erin Brockovich Rescued Is Basically a Ghost Town Now

There's still hexavalent chromium in the water, the town's houses are being knocked down, and the only place to buy beer is about to close.
Mike Pearl

Photographing the Forgotten Magic of All 947 Towns in Iowa

Photographer Cody Weber's latest project is a love letter to the vanishing tiny town of his home state.
Arielle Pardes
Friday night in

Friday Night in the Bakken Oilfield

"We get drunk and think about how Williston used to be, then go home and dream about how it could be."
Matthew Leifheit

It's Surprisingly Easy to Build a Sam's Club on a Native American Heritage Site

When the destruction happened, it was a hot topic for a while. There were protests by Native Americans, and attention from the international press. But among hundreds of people who turned out for the long-awaited grand opening, I couldn’t find one...
Anna Gaca