smart home

Internet Insecurity

Researchers Find Vulnerability in Smart Home Control Apps

Apps used to control Wink Hub and Insteon Hub are vulnerable—the Internet of Hackable things rears its head once again.
Lucian Constantin
Leaving the Nest

Smart Meter Data Is 'Intimate' and Deserves Privacy, Activists Argue

The EFF and Privacy International claim that when collected in aggregate, smart meter data can show when a person wakes up, goes to work, and clocks-out for the night.
Joseph Cox
The Hacks We Can't See

Your Smart Robot Is Coming in Five Years, But It Might Get Hacked and Kill You

However, it's the cars you really have to worry about.
Nafeez Ahmed

This 'Robotic Finger' Will Push All Your Home’s Buttons for You

Never touch a switch again.
Clinton Nguyen

Vint Cerf: The Headline I Fear Is '100,000 Fridges Hack Bank of America'

But it's the only way we'll learn.
Matthew Braga

Smart Gardens Will Grow Your Plants Because You're Too Good at Killing Them

Bluetooth-connected flower pots and automated hydroponic systems take all the guesswork—and probably the joy—out of gardening.
Jason Koebler

Apple Wants Siri to Move Into Your Smart Home

With 'HomeKit,' Apple hopes to catapult home automation into the mainstream. Before Google does.
Meghan Neal

The Home of the Future Will Save the Planet and Drive You Insane

Step inside the cutting edge smart house that tracks every drop of your energy use—if the constant updates don't push you to the brink, it just might save the world.
Alex Goldmark
Motherboard Blog

Before They Take Our Jobs, Robots Have To Become Better Coworkers

MIT is working on getting robots to talk to each other and notice things around them more smoothly.
Yannick LeJacq
Motherboard Blog

Google Thinks You and Your House Should Talk

Acquiring smart thermostat company Nest is Google's play for one of the holy grails of future tech trends: the smart home. Your future home could be a robot that talks to you.
Meghan Neal
Motherboard Blog

Take a Smart Stroll Through the Smart Watch-Controlled Smart Home of Tomorrow

So much smart. Still, this wired house is probably where the future is headed, even if a lot of it is pointless.
Brian Merchant