smoked fish


Bluefish Paté Recipe

Creamy and smoky with the perfect amount of zing.


Why I Went to Oktoberfest and Only Ate Fish

When you think of Oktoberfest, you probably think of bratwurst washed down with bladder-weakening steins of beer, but in Munich, things are very different.


Cambodian Weddings Are an Excuse for Offal and Line Dancing

Weddings are a big deal in Cambodia. In rice-farming villages, people don’t often get to eat five kinds of meat in one sitting or drink until even the most wayward dance moves seem appropriate.


This City Has the Sweetest Food in All of China

I went to Wuxi not for the view, but for the food. In a province already known for its sweetness, Wuxi is as sweet as Hunan is spicy.


How to Hot-Box a Fish

There’s something nice about harnessing the connection of smoking with fire—it’s one of the oldest and most important relationships we have as humans. Here's how to smoke your own fish at home. Just remember to open the windows.


Chicago's Fish Shacks Are Going Up in Smoke

Before Middle Americans started chowing down on “bacon-paloozas” and “quadruple-patty” monstrosities, they lived on fish caught and smoked by local riverside shacks. Today, Chicago's Calumet Fisheries is one of the very last left standing.