This fake sneaker king's operation made millions on Reddit. Then it all fell apart.

Here's how one former med student started a successful fake operation on Reddit from the comfort of his own home.
Dexter Thomas
Quinton Boudwin
Karen Ye

Inside the Wild World of Sneaker-Buying Bots

Sneakerheads are increasingly relying on automated software to buy limited-release shoes as soon as they go on sale.
Ashwin Rodrigues
food art

The Art of “Shoe-Shi,” Shoe-Shaped Sushi

Chef Yujia Hu crafts raw fish kicks that look good enough to wear (and eat).
Diana Shi
esportes de verão

Thirty Years Strong: Nike Air Max Remains Iconic Sports Fashion Piece

In terms of actual functional running shoes, it's tough to think of a product other than the Air Max that is still deemed cool fashion wear.
Corey Erdman

New Balance Sneakers Back Trump's Presidency

Desus and Mero talk about how the sneaker brand makes the least-woke kicks around on the latest episode of their late night VICELAND talk show.
Sarah Bellman

Tomboys in Coke Whites: Female Sneakerheads Are Stomping Down The Boys' Club

Women have long been a part of the sneakerhead scene, and though they are not as prominent as men, they are emerging as entrepreneurs, designers, and tastemakers.
Mich Cardin
crazy explosive

Move Over Steph Curry, Andrew Wiggins Also Has Ugly New Sneakers

Andrew Wiggins and Adidas join the "What are thoooooose??" brigade.
Michael Brice-Saddler

Chef Curry Cooked Up a Pair of Two Lows That Are Bland as Hell

The shoes look like something worn by the manager of your local CVS Pharmacy.
Michael Brice-Saddler

Why These Sneakers Cost as Much as a Car

An in-depth look at how people end up spending tens of thousands of dollars for sneakers that might've originally retailed for a hundred dollars.
Jian DeLeon
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Now You Can Trade Your Old Kidney for a New Pair of Yeezy Boosts

Sneakerheads are spending thousands of dollars for the Boosts, so why not just hand over a kidney to cop a pair?
Scott Masters Pierce

For Horny Hypebeasts, Popping an Air Max Bubble Is the Ultimate Climax

In the sneaker-destruction community exists a group of people who get off on videos of people popping the air pocket on their Air Max sneakers. The videos, which are mostly shared on YouTube, start in a variety of ways but always end with the same...
Matt Saincome