'ActRaiser’ Was More Than an SNES Classic, It Was a Leap of Faith

A one-of-a-kind 16-bit adventure led a push toward meaningful topics in the Nintendo era.
Jeremy Parish

The Analogue Super NT Is the Best Way to Play Super Nintendo Games

Analogue’s high-end variation on the Super NES comes with a cheaper price tag than its NES predecessor and a design meant for 4K TVs.
Ernie Smith

By Combining Christmas Gifts, My Brother Helped Me Fall in Love With Games

How the gift of an SNES marked the moment my brother and I started to walk our own paths.
Patrick Klepek
SNES Classic

The Super Nintendo Was My Gateway Drug to Consumerism

With the SNES Classic out this week, we asked an expert why the ads of the original console were so effective on us.
Giaco Furino
SNES Classic

SNES Classic Will Be Sold in Quebec After All

Well, alright.
Jordan Pearson
SNES Classic

SNES Classic Pre-Orders Finally Happening Later This Month

Nintendo is also promising to ship way more of them. We'll see.
Patrick Klepek

The SNES Mini Is Real, Includes ‘Star Fox 2,’ and Is Out in September

The previously rumored 16-bit mini-console features 21 games and, look, just hold me right now, okay?
Mike Diver
SMW Central

Why 'Super Mario Maker' Didn’t Kill the Mario Hacking Community

A niche community of heroes keeps the crude hacker spirit alive in Mario.
Jess Joho
super mario world

Someone Hacked Mouse Support Into ‘Super Mario World’

Sometimes, you do things just because you can. And because it's super cool.
Patrick Klepek
Retro Hacks

Jailbreaking an SNES Cartridge Lets You Give Mario Psychic Powers

Retro game hackers have outdone themselves.
Jordan Pearson
Bloodlust Software

The Story of NESticle, the Ambitious Emulator That Redefined Retro Gaming

The product of a talented programmer who designed a hit shareware game while he was still in high school, NESticle was so good that everyone looked past the fact its name was basically a dick joke.
Ernie Smith
super nintendo

Waypoint Staffers Select Their Super Nintendo Mini Essentials

With a SNES micro-console strongly rumored to be in production for this year’s holiday season, what games do we want to see on it?
Waypoint Staff