This Hideous Emoji House Is at the Center of Some Truly Bizarre L.A. Beef

"I feel like I’ve been directly attacked with my eyelash extensions... It’s mocking me. It’s heartbreaking. I mean, it’s literally staring right at me.”


The Brutal Politics of Snitching in Prison

It sounds simple, but I’ve seen guys who called themselves “rat smashers” pick the wrong rat to smash.


A Bunch of Teens Snitched on Their Teacher for Doing Drugs in Class

She was arrested after one student filmed her snorting what she later admitted was cocaine.


In Historic Moment, Major Event On The LPGA Tour Was Decided By Snitching

Lexi Thompson saw a three-stroke lead erased by a four-stroke penalty incurred after someone watching at home emailed officials after noticing a minor rules violation.


Can Snitching on Polluters Save Delhi’s Air?

The new app allows Delhites to take photos of people polluting, but it may just hurt the poor.


Suge Knight Went to the Hospital After Finding Out He's Going on Trial for Murder

The 90s hip-hop scion's lawyer claims he was temporarily blind when he ran over two men in a parking lot, and the surviving victim says he can't remember what happened.


Sabu Has Been an FBI Informant for Months

_Sabu, one of the most vocal 'leaders' of the supposedly leaderless Anonymous, has allegedly been arrested by the FBI, according to a "Fox News report": It's...