This Photo of (Sandy) Alex G Is Not Beto O’Rourke Peeing Himself

A picture of the Philadelphia songwriter with a spilled beer on his jeans has caused major confusion in MAGA Twitter.
Josh Terry
16 hours ago
The Truth and Lies Issue

What Facebook Is Getting Wrong in the Fight Against Fake News

Brooke Binkowski spends her days in search of the misinformation and propaganda that have infected digital media. We caught up with her to talk Facebook and fact-checking.
David Uberti
Snopes Shuttering

Snopes Says it Needs to Raise $500k to Stay in Business

It had to start a GoFundMe campaign.
Caroline Haskins
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Google Just Added Fact Checks to Your Search Results

The search engine's latest feature aims to crack down on fake news.
Drew Schwartz
the internet

No, Starbucks Juice Drinks Aren't Full of Poison

It’s 2017, so even your juice can be tainted by fake news.
Alex Swerdloff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama vows retaliation for Russian election hacking, the Syrian government suspends the evacuation of Aleppo, Trump's new Israeli ambassador wants to move the embassy to Jerusalem, and more.
VICE Staff
Ice Cream

Relax, No One Is Trying to Feed Your Children Ice Cream Laced with Chloroform

The article starts by saying that there are, “recent reports of ice-cream trucks putting Chloroform inside in (sic) the ice-cream in USA,” It goes on to baselessly claim that there have been multiple cases recently of ice cream truck drivers attempting...
Alex Swerdloff

Is This Guy Actually Doing Cocaine on the London Tube? Or Is the Video Fake?

"The Wolf of London Underground" shot to internet fame this morning after a video surfaced appearing to show him doing coke on the tube. But is it real?
Joe Bish
Motherboard Blog

True Rumors Are More Viral Than Idiotic Lies, Facebook Study Finds

But not by much.
Michael Byrne