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A New $500 Million Digital Fund Hopes to Transform Lives in the Developing World

A new incubator hub will help give a ton of money to underserved communities by investing in education, economic growth and clean energy.


WeWork Just Paid Health Care Entrepreneurs and Innovators Millions for Their Social Impact Efforts

The Creator Awards gave winning startups the resources they need to make life-changing technologies a reality in communities around the world.


What I Learned as a Privileged Person Working in Marginalized Communities

Valuable lessons for trying to be a social innovator.


WeWork Gave Over $1 Million to New York City Entrepreneurs for Social Good

The Creator Awards, which toured six cities before wrapping in New York in November, offers members and non-members the chance to compete for social impact project funding.


I Made the 'Nasty Woman' T-Shirt That Became a Symbol of Anti-Trump Resistance

After creating a viral fashion phenomenon, and raising over $100K for Planned Parenthood, Amanda Brinkman wants to continues to be a nasty woman who does even more good.


This YouTube Comedian Wants to Break Down Your Muslim Stereotypes

Muslim YouTuber Humza Arshad uses humor to stop kids from being radicalized in the UK.


How YouTube Wants to Reward People to Create Videos About Social Good

Creators for Change, which premiered at the Tribeca's TV Festival, amplifies young YouTubers that are using their channels to front social change


An Anonymous Cock Crusader Is Putting Condoms on Penis Graffiti

The good samaritan street artist hopes to make a point about sexual health.


The "Good Sign" Campaign Wants to Turn Festival Do-Gooding into Worldwide Humanitarianism

"I go to music festivals because that's where some of the oldest and best healers are."