social media art


Shocking Public Artwork Turns UK's Homeless into "Human Tamagotchi"

Artist Kristian von Hornsleth has bought and sold homeless people to various buyers. He’s then fitted them with tracking devices so the buyers and the public can follow them.


This Strange, Subversive Instagram Exposes the Sickness of Social Media

Time2Reflect uses unorthodox catalog and play-doh composites to critique our obsession with social media.


An Artist Is Growing a Garden Using Tweets from Trump, Fox, and CNN

Martin Roth linked grow lights to the tweets of policy and opinion makers. The more retweets these people and organizations gain, the stronger the lights that nurture the plants.


Bold Political Illustrations Grapple With the Modern Age

Kevin Niggeler is a Milan-based artist bringing colorful vibrancy to the news.


Emotional Tweets Make This Sculpture Leak Colorful Paint

"MONOLITT" uses a city's social media "sentiment analytics" to literally paint a portrait of the locale's current mood.


Twitter Time Capsule: Revisit Artists' First Tweets

The first 140 characters from James Franco, Takashi Murakami, David Lynch, and more.


Ted Sterchi Paints Portraits of Grindr Users

Ted Sterchi, a London-based web developer and the guy behind Grindr Illustrated, started painting some of the inanimate faces he saw on Grindr in an attempt to soften the otherwise hard, sexually aggressive profile pictures he was confronted with every...