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​Twitter's New Design Looks Awfully Familiar...

The new circular avatars make it look like Instagram, Snapchat and...Google Plus.


How Twitter Sued the Trump Administration and Won Almost Instantly

Twitter sued Customs and Border Protection on Thursday. By Friday morning, the government withdrew its subpoena for the user information of @ALT_uscis.


Everyone Should Probably Read This Cop Privacy Guide

Stay Secure Online is geared towards law enforcement members and their families, but journalists, activists and plenty of other people can probably learn from it.


This List of Fake News Websites Proliferating on Facebook Is Staggering

A media professor assembled a list of known purveyors of fake news for the sake of her students. But it's now public, and has grown to include nearly 150 websites.


Trump Protesters Falsely Accused of Anti-Chinese Racism in Viral Weibo Story

Fake information is not just a problem for American social media.


Facebook Says a Bunch of Living Users Are Dead

Welcome to the digital afterlife.


Facebook Is Utterly Dominating America's Social Media Use

Facebook is still growing while other social sites plateau, a new Pew Research Center study finds.


Facebook Wants You To Embrace 'Social VR' (and Forget About Palmer Luckey)

Mark Zuckerberg shows off a future where our virtual avatars hang out together.


Here’s How to Prevent WhatsApp from Giving Facebook Your Phone Number

WhatsApp claims giving Facebook your phone number will lead to an improved experience, but you can sidestep the move for now.


Twitter Is Testing Timelines That Aren't in Chronological Order

Say goodbye to Twitter’s most useful feature.


Facebook's Magic Formula for Determining Your 9 Top Friends

Facebook’s algorithms are secret, but here’s what we can glean by paying attention to the clues.


How Does Facebook Know Who You Know?

Radio Motherboard talks about how social networks use your phone to get information about you, watching the debate in virtual reality, and Uber's latest security screwup.