Social Security


Young People Are Poorer Than Ever and Government Programs Are Failing Them

A new study finds that the social safety net leaves out the youngest workers.


Being a kid is a "negative factor" under Trump's new immigration rule

“A person’s age may impact his or her ability to legally or physically work and is therefore relevant to being self-sufficient, and the likelihood of becoming a public charge.”


Democrats want expanded Social Security and Medicare for all

More than 100 Democrats are joining the Expand Social Security Caucus in sign the party is tacking left.


Congress Can Save Social Security for Millennials, It Just Won't

Social Security and Medicare have had obvious problems for decades, but politicians have refused to make the necessary hard choices.


How Many Deductions Should You Actually Take on Your Taxes?

Here's what you need to know to make sure you owe the least amount of money to (or get a nice healthy return from) the IRS.


Cat Hair Leads FBI to Woman Who Allegedly Sent a Bomb to Obama

Julia Poff allegedly mailed three explosive devices to the former president, the Texas governor, and the Social Security Administration.


Mother of Four Found Dead in Freezing Home After Her Welfare Was Cut Off

38-year-old Elaine Morrall had her welfare payments stopped after missing an interview with officials, her mother claims. She later died, wearing a coat and scarf, in a home she couldn't afford to heat.


82 Years of Social Security Now Threatened by Trump Policies

FDR signed the Social Security Act in 1935, and we're still arguing about how it's a basic American value.


Republicans Move on to the Next Plan to Cut Benefits for the Poor

The House GOP's budget plan is even crueler than the healthcare bill that just died.


Trump's Budget Is the Real Scandal

He promised to help Americans left behind by an unfair economy. Instead he wants to cut government benefits and give more money to the rich.


“The Business of Life” episode 1: aging

Taking care of aging relatives isn't easy, nor is it cheap. How does assisting the elderly impact our wallets?