I Played Meat Bingo at a Century-Old Oregon Dive Bar

Founded in 1926 by Russian socialists, Workers Tavern is the perfect place to win bratwursts and talk to whiskey-swilling grandmas.
Morena Duwe
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A certain president accused of sexual misconduct by 23 women is now mocking Joe Biden

Trump mocked the former veep at a GOP dinner and insisted socialists were targeting Biden
Rex Santus

The DSA Isn't 100 Percent Sure About Hopping on the Bernie Bus

Some Democratic Socialists of America wish their organization would sit this one out.
Eoin Higgins
Views My Own

Why I Became a Socialist

After Bernie lost and Trump won, I realized the Democrats weren't going to win my battles for me.
Rick Paulas
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Here Are Some People You Can Vote for Not Named Trump or Clinton

Many people don't much care for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but will they be pissed off enough to take their votes to one of the country's many totally reasonable and not at all eccentric third parties?
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Meet the Socialist Running for President in the Shadow of Bernie Sanders

Mimi Soltysik, the 2016 nominee for the Socialist Party USA, wants a revolution—but like, a real one.
Mike Pearl

The Political Party Bernie Sanders Helped Found Isn't into Him Anymore

Vermont's Liberty Union Party says Sanders was instrumental to the group's founding. They also recently voted to "brand him as a war criminal."
Mike Pearl
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked America's Young Socialists What They Think of Bernie Sanders

The leaders of the Young People's Socialist League aren't impressed by their most famous former member.
Mike Pearl

The Socialist Soccer Fans Who Saved MLS From Neo-Nazis

New York's Empire Supporters Club has changed a lot since its early years, when many members were socialist and anarchist activists, and when one of their main concerns was whether the stands would become a haven for fascists or far-right extremists.
Leander Schaerlaeckens

Inside the Massive Left-Wing Anti-Austerity Protest That Hit London on Saturday

Despite the massive turnout, it seems unlikely that the government is going to listen to the people fighting against budget cuts.
Simon Childs, Photos: Oscar Webb and Chris Bethell

I Watched Anti-Austerity Activists Start a Squat in a London Pub

A group of students and activists occupied the space as a means of protesting the direction the UK capital is going in.
Michael Segalov

British Leftists Are Flocking to Athens for Greece's Election Party

With Syriza—the coalition of the radical left—set to win, European socialists have touched down in the Greek capital for some election tourism.
Charlotte England