Baking Soda Can Improve Your Athletic Performance

Adding baking soda to your pre-workout ritual could up your endurance, especially when it comes to certain types of exercise.


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Stop Dumping Salt All Over Everything, Says FDA

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Salty Dishes in New York Will Now Have Warning Labels

Starting tomorrow, keep your eye out for salt-shaker icons on chain restaurant menus in the Big Apple, which indicate items that are loaded with sodium.


New York Is Now the First American City to Require Salt Warnings on Menus

No more ignorant salt-swilling. From now on, New Yorkers, you’ll be painfully aware.


Salt May Actually Prevent Your Body from Absorbing Fat

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Hangover-Free Beer Is on the Horizon, But Take It with a Grain of Salt

A hangover is a beast with many tentacles, not the least of which is dehydration. Australian researchers are attempting to combat that by making beer that rehydrates you as it saps you of your precious fluids.


Brewing Killer Cocktails in Vietnam

The syringes sit empty, ready for filling. The staff have all been trained, and are standing by. On Vietnam's death row, everything is set for carrying out hundreds of lethal injections but for one critical ingredient--poison.