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Oregon Unconstitutionally Fined a Man $500 for Saying ‘I am an Engineer,’ Federal Judge Rules

Mats Järlström has won his First Amendment case against the state of Oregon: "This restriction clearly controls and suppresses protected speech."


How to Harness Data Science for Experimental Creative Writing

NYU professor Allison Parrish describes a new frontier in marrying textual analysis and poetry.


New MIT Tool Automatically Rewrites Old Code for New Software

But take heart: It still requires human developers.


Are Software Developers Miserable?

A new survey attempts to quantify the unhappiness of programmers.


Unsurprisingly, Gender Neutral Textbooks Make for Better Students

Two Swedish researchers found that you are more likely to apply for a course and get good grades if the books you read are less about boring stereotypes and more about situations you can personally identify with.


What It Means To Be a 'Popular' Programming Language

Alternately, what does it mean for a hammer to be the most popular tool?


The Smallest Code

Is it a single numerical digit? A line of assembly language? Let's find out.


Take a Peek at the Artistic Sides of Mosquitoes, Bacteria, and Scientific Processes

'Science of the Unseen' is an online exhibition brainstormed by a computer graphics collective.


How To Keep Stack Overflow from Turning Into a Landfill

Why the site is in decline and how to save it, according to IT researchers.


Programmers Aren't Writing Green Code Where It's Most Needed

But they're at least into the idea, according to a new survey.


Don't Pick a Programming Language Because It's the 'Most Profitable'

Here's why that's a bullshit metric.