A Guide to North Korean Food from a Man Who's Been Eating It for 14 Years

Having visited North Korea nearly 150 times, Simon Cockerell is well-versed in the cuisine of the hermit kingdom. His advice: try the sushi but avoid the clams cooked in gasoline.
Jamie Fullerton
New York

MUNCHIES Presents: A Night Out In K-Town

Our host Naomi Shimada heads out for the night with Pablo, known as the "King of Koreatown," who takes her out for a night of Korean barbecue, karaoke, and watermelon soju.
Naomi Shimada

I Got Buzzed on Killer Japanese Hornet Cocktails

Suzumebachi, a bee-themed bar in downtown Fukuoka, Japan, is known for its delicious chicken wings, grilled fish, and poisonous hornet booze.
Zack Kotzer
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Korea's Secret to Curing a Hangover Is Meat-Stuffed Soup

South Korea can drink just about any other nation under the table—and its citizens turn to a spicy, meaty soup the next day to soothe their hangovers.
Justin Heifetz​​

Eating a Live Octopus Wasn't Nearly as Difficult As It Sounds

It’s a pretty fucked-up scenario when you think about the process, but so is the way most animals get slaughtered in the factory farming industry—we just eat them later.
Natalie B. Compton
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This Beautiful Korean Cocktail Is Deceptively Potent

In this cocktail, the milky, low-alcohol brew known as makgeolli meets soju, sour mix, and Korean fruit wine that’s made with raspberries.
Munchies Staff

Booze, Farm Animals, and Radiology Intersect at This Canadian Craft Distillery

We hung out with radiologist and distillery owner Peter Stroz at his 66 Gilead distillery in Prince Edward County and drank a lot of Canadian shochu.
Nick Rose

The First Soju Made from Grapes Could Spare You a Killer Hangover

“I always like to say, ‘Drink different, drink better,’” says Carolyn Kim of Yobo Soju. Considering that most soju promises the world's worst hangover, that's wise advice.
Tae Yoon
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Chef's Night Out: Maya Erickson of Lazy Bear

Lazy Bear pastry chef Maya Erickson takes us out for shots, soju, ribs, oysters, and salmon collar at her favorite haunts in San Francisco's Mission District.
Maya Erickson

7-Eleven Is a National Treasure in Korea

Stumbling into a 7-Eleven in Seoul, heat-stroked and desperate for a VitaminWater, I almost have a heart attack. What is this cheerful, bursting-with-anime paradise?
Dakota Kim
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A Japanese Julep Is the Perfect Cooling Cocktail for Thirsty Thursday

Whiskey and mint are here to save you from the sweltering summer heat. Plus, this julep has Japanese flair that makes it extra-special and extra-tasty.
Munchies Staff
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eSports - Part Four

Superclubs and suicide: the darker side of eSports.
VICE Staff