If You Hate Capitalism You Will Love This Map

The Black Socialists of America are hoping to put alternatives to capitalism on the map with their newest project.
Edward Ongweso Jr

More Hollywood Liberals Should Be Showing Support for the Trans Community

LGBTQ celebs and close allies carried the weight of high-profile responses to a potential anti-trans proposal amid calls for solidarity in the first week of protest.
Taylor Hosking
Rise Up

Thousands of Homeless Children in Honduras Now Have a Place to Call Home

Casa Alianza tries to shelter and protect the helpless in a place that seems designed, at almost every social level, to obstruct them.
Eric Kingrea
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Half a Million People Experience Homelessness Every Night in the US, But That Number is Changing

Here are the most effective organizations fighting to end teen homelessness worldwide.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
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How America’s 500,000 Homeless Could Finally Get Off the Street

This is a solvable problem, and it’s not always just a question of money and resources.
Demetria Irwin
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People Are Sleeping on the Street For One Night to Raise Funds for Homeless Teens

On Thursday, thousands of people will be sleeping outside as part of the national movement to raise needed funds to combat teen homelessness.
Eric Kingrea
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From Abortion to Gun Rights, Virginia's Upcoming Elections Have National Implications

Why national advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood and the NRA are spending millions to influence November races.
Emily Weitz

Abe's Selective Solidarity in Oddworld's Revolution

Even in a lighthearted fantasy, a liberalizing movement produces a disappointing victory.
Cameron Kunzelman

BLM Co-Founder: It Is Our Duty to Dismantle White Supremacy

Patrisse Marie Cullors of the Black Lives Matter movement shares her thoughts on Charlottesville and the actions we need to take to move forward in the face of extreme bigotry.
Patrisse Marie Cullors
Rise Up

Groups Are Rallying To Give Hope Post-Charlottesville

If you want to get involved, and assuming a pro-Hitler, anti-American agenda isn't your thing, here's how you can do something positive in support of Charlottesville.
Impact Staff
london bridge attack

Photos from the London Bridge Terror Attack Vigil

Thousands of people gathered next to the River Thames on Monday to pay their respects.
Chris Bethell
Manchester Attack

Tears and Solidarity as Manchester Mourned Its Dead

We were at the vigil in the wake of the Manchester attack.
Simon Childs