solo exhibition


Hallucinatory Photographs by an Outsider Artist Defy Convention

Kwesi Abbensetts uses “revisionary self-appropriation” to make stunning portraits reflecting on race and identity.


Artist Puts 'All of the Things' on Display in Group Show by One Person

Leighton Kelly brings it all out of his studio for this chaotic solo show.


DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh Shows His Brilliant Visual Art at NYU

A solo exhibition at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery explores Mark Mothersbaugh’s lesser known creative practice as a visual artist.


A Jamaican Painter Traces Her History with Coffee and Emeralds

The Bronx-and-Tampa-based painter Ya Levy La'ford creates cyclical patterns to recall historical narratives.


The Creator of ‘Piss Christ’ Photographs Trump, Torture, and a Killer Clown

'Andres Serrano: Selected Works 1984-2015' provokes and titillates at Jack Shainman Gallery.


Geometric Flower Drawings Are Like Mutating DNA Frozen in Time

Mary Judge’s repetitive floral drawings are an exercise in making something different from the same form.


'Spider Drone' Sculptures Marry Surveillance and 60s Sci-Fi

'Vision Instruments,' Björn Schülke’s ongoing show at bitforms gallery, uses seemingly futuristic technology to make ultimately purposeless sculptural objects.


Twisted Wooden Sculptures Contort Timber into Bonelike Forms

German artist Wolfgang Flad’s solo show at Reinhard Hauff fuses wood refuse and paper-mâché to make nature’s wildest forms.


How 500 Pages of FBI Surveillance Documents Became Art

The FBI kept extensive files on Sadie Barnette’s ex-Black Panther father, so she turned the declassified documents into art.


Soft Mirror Sculptures Expose Human Life 'b 4' Life

b 4 u, Charles Long’s ongoing solo exhibition at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery uses reflective artifices to explore what comes before life.


An Artist Gave Pre-Teens Thousands of Dollars to Do Whatever They Wanted—So They Made a Bounce House

Artist Pilvi Takala gave the creative reigns of a £7,000 Grant to a group of pre-teens in a London youth center. Here’s what happened.


Watch an Entirely Crocheted House Get Blown to Shreds

Olek confronts the refugee crisis by exploding a kitschy representation of home.