Margo Price's New Video Shows All America Has to Offer

In addition to premiering a clip for "All American Made," the country singer weighs in on the midterm elections, gun violence, and the change she’s fighting for.
Matt Williams

The Woes and Wiles of Cold Specks

Writing in English and Somali about love and exile, heartbreak and catastrophe, 'Fool’s Paradise' is the singer's most open offering yet.
Amani Bin Shikhan

‘Barely Human; I Like Randy Newman,’ a Zine Tribute to One of Music’s Most Resilient Underdogs

A written attempt to exorcise an obsession with the unfashionable musician.
Tim Scott
The Music Issue

This Is the Last Interview Cass McCombs Says He'll Ever Do

When Cass McCombs gets personal, you know it's what he really feels.
Andy Capper

A Britney Superfan Talks About Writing a Song for Her New Album, 'Glory'

Britney Spears may be a pop icon in the gay community, but few LGBTQ songwriters get to work on her albums. We spoke to one successful gay songwriter, Jesse Saint John, about the new song he wrote for Spears.
Leila Ettachfini
vice meets

How Robyn Took Back Control of Her Music

In this episode of 'VICE Meets,' Gianna Toboni sits down with the Swedish pop star to talk about feminism, Prince, and her new music publishing company, Konichiwa Records.
VICE Staff
Music Video Premieres

Liberation’s New Video Is Full of Creeped Out Synth Lines and Desperation

The latest evolution of prolific West Australian David West takes inspiration from the heyday of Mute Records and is swathed in analogue and FM synths.
Noisey Staff

We Asked Lawyers if the Disclosure Lawsuit Has Even a Shred of Legitimacy

The short answer: no.
VICE Thump

Katie Kate's Head is Full of the Most Amazing American Dreams

More interesting than Iggy Azalea, the Seattle singer/rapper/producer doesn't really care what you think
Zel McCarthy