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A Streetwear Brand with a FUCT-up Name Just Won Its Supreme Court Case

It might be "scandalous," but it's legal.


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The US Supreme Court uses email after all — or at least two justices do

Although US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan once suggested justices don't use email, documents obtained by VICE News show that's not entirely true.


Sonia Sotomayor rips US policing practices in blistering Supreme Court dissent

The justice railed against racial profiling and police brutality in a case that examined whether evidence collected during illegal stops can be presented in court.


The Supreme Court Women Just Did a Fucking Awesome Job Defending Abortion Rights

Today, the Supreme Court began hearing arguments in "Whole Women's Health v. Hellerstadt," which will determine the constitutionality of Texas's notorious omnibus anti-abortion bill HB2. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan...


Good News! You Can’t Be Automatically Deported for Sharing Three Joints

Well, here’s bit of good news from the Supreme Court, a group not generally considered friendly to criminal defendants or recreational drug users: you cannot, it turns out, be automatically deported for the kindhearted but nonetheless illegal act of...