People Are Injuring Themselves While Trying to Open Talenti Gelato

"We are trying the hacksaw next," one aggrieved customer said.
Mayukh Sen
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Who Needs Ice Cream When You Have Cantaloupe and Citrus Sorbet?

Can't wait for summer? You can almost taste it with this citrusy sorbet.
Munchies Staff

How to Make Apple Pie Sorbet and Eat All of Your Dessert at Once

There's a chill on the horizon, but we're choosing to embrace it by diving face-first into sorbet. Specifically, apple pie sorbet—a double-whammy of dessert pleasure.
Munchies Staff

Apple Pie Sorbet Recipe

Creamy and smooth, this apple-flavored sorbet tastes just like cold apple pie.
Elise Kornack

A Michelin-Starred Chef Is Serving Sorbet on a Flip-Flop

For every basic culinary rule, there seems to be an irreverent chef willing to break it.
Nick Rose
Ice Cream

Meet Beirut’s Ice Cream King, Whose Shop Survived a Civil War

Mitri Hanna Moussa claims that his ice cream shop didn't close "even when bombs were going off.” The oven he uses to bake his cookies is still pitted by shrapnel.
Amy E. Robertson

This Week in Food Porn: Fish Curry, Smoked Nuts, and Pumpkin Syrup

Welcome back to This Week in Food Porn, MUNCHIES’ guide to the most beautiful food to click its way onto Instagram in the past seven days.
Nell Frizzell
Italian Ice

The Best Italian Ice Is Frozen in Time

Founded a century ago, Di Cosmo's Italian Ice in Elizabeth, New Jersey, still makes its famed frozen dessert the exact same way it did in 1915. The neighborhood may have changed, but the ice remains the same.
David Bienenstock