Blackened Chicken Wings Recipe

Not that many great things come from Buffalo, New York, but these sure do.


Ghana's First Microbrewery Is Changing the Way Beer Is Made in Africa

Inland Microbrewery, located just outside Accra, produces several different varieties of beer, all without the use of imported malted barley, upon which Ghana’s two major commercial breweries almost exclusively rely.


Researchers Project Sub-Saharan Africa Will Not Be Able to Feed Itself by 2050

Of the five major grains grown in the region (maize, millet, rice, wheat, and sorghum), maize is the most important in terms of yield and caloric value—but yields of the grain must be at least doubled in the coming decades if there is any hope of...


Sorghum Beer and Pork Barbecue Flow Through Burkina Faso's Cabarets

In Zogore, a village in northern Burkina Faso, market day came every three days. But out of respect for the large Muslim population, vendors in the Catholic sector sold beer and pork at various cabarets.