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'Soul Food' Was a Delicious Feast for Black Cinema's Golden Age

The 1997 dramedy captured the lives and loves of black families in America, and the history they share.
Tari Ngangura
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This Beloved Soul Food Restaurant Was Busted for Using Food Stamps to Stock Fridges

Before the EBT scam was exposed, Becky’s and Mary’s was known only as the best place for soul food in central North Carolina.
Jelisa Castrodale

A Court Will Decide If Asking for 'Black People Food' Is Racial Discrimination

Is asking the African-American chef you hired to work at your sprawling dude ranch to start making “black people food” a super racist request, or nothing more than a wee bit of discourtesy and a smidgen of insensitivity?
Alex Swerdloff
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This Fried Shrimp Grilled Cheese Is a ‘Midnight Snack for the Drunk Gods’

After her Chef’s Night Out tour of LA, Alisa Reynolds treated her crew to a masterpiece of drunk food—a creation so bold and so beautiful that we had to share it with you.
Munchies Staff

Gladys Knight Wants Her Son's Restaurant to Stop Using Her Name

The Empress of Soul is suing her son to get him to remove any mention of her name or use of her likeness in connection with the troubled chain.
Alex Swerdloff

At 83, Loretta Lynn Is Still Cookin' It Country

I sat down with the country legend to discuss her new album, but the conversation naturally veered towards food. Loretta Lynn gave me tips on how to kill and fry a chicken, and what forced her to learn how to become a quality cook.
Kim Kelly

Meet the Chef Earning $1,000 Per Plate to Cook for Floyd Mayweather

Chef Q—a.k.a. Quiana Jeffries—is personal chef to world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather. I called her up to find out more about the woman behind the champ—a chef who enjoys cooking for womens’ shelters as much as she does filthy rich, eccentric boxers.
Matthew Zuras

Givin' Up Food for Funk

I've spent a lot of time over the past four years traveling throughout America's Southern and Midwestern states searching for seemingly insignificant pieces of funk vinyl and I've learned this much: if you go to a city and take the time...
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How to Eat in South Central

Where to eat in South Central, Los Angeles.
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