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U.S. has thousands more troops in Afghanistan than the public knew

Alexa Liautaud

Satellites are helping root out modern slavery in northern India

Kathleen Caulderwood
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Whoa! Yung Lean Just Shared a Lost Verse from Keith Ape’s “It G Ma”

What happened to this?
Daisy Jones

This Man Is Trying to Save India's Food Future with Jackfruit

Journalist Shree Padre has been working for years to convince Indians that jackfruit—the thorny South Asian fruit that works equally well in desserts and as a meat substitute—should become a staple part of their diets.
Prathap Nair
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A suicide bomber killed at least 63 people at a hospital in Pakistan

More than a hundred bereaved lawyers had gathered in the hospital's emergency wing to mourn the murder of a colleague
Tess Owen
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A woman in India was gang-raped by the same people twice

Three years after surviving a gang rape, a 21-year old student was raped again by the same five men, according to reports in Indian media.
Elian Peltier
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The Indian government shut down media in Kashmir as tensions rise

Authorities seized newspapers and shut down cable tv after the worst outbreak in violence the region has seen in six years
VICE News and Reuters

Pakistan's "living saint" got the country's first state funeral in 30 years

Abdul Sattar Edhi, the philanthropist known as Pakistan's Mother Theresa, was a hero to the downtrodden and an enemy of religious extremism.
Reuters and VICE News
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Another deadly attack in Bangladesh, on the holiday ending Ramadan

Less than a week after the Dhaka massacre that killed 20 people, another deadly attack is attributed to extremists — who this time bombed a gathering of Muslims for Eid al-Fitr.
Reuters and VICE News

Pakistani clerics declare transgender marriages legal under Islamic law

Pakistani religious figures take a step in the direction of transgender acceptance.
Reuters News Agency

The South Asian Women Reclaiming Their Culture and Battling Colorism

How Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr became awash with "bindi-adorned brown girls demanding change."
Alice Kemp-Habib
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More than 100 Feared Dead After Landslides in Sri Lanka

Torrential rains have forced more than 223,000 people from their homes across the South Asian country. Seventeen bodies have been recovered, bringing the official death toll to 37 so far.
VICE News and Reuters