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Whoa! Yung Lean Just Shared a Lost Verse from Keith Ape’s “It G Ma”

What happened to this?
Daisy Jones

This Man Is Trying to Save India's Food Future with Jackfruit

Journalist Shree Padre has been working for years to convince Indians that jackfruit—the thorny South Asian fruit that works equally well in desserts and as a meat substitute—should become a staple part of their diets.
Prathap Nair

The South Asian Women Reclaiming Their Culture and Battling Colorism

How Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr became awash with "bindi-adorned brown girls demanding change."
Alice Kemp-Habib

My Time with the Bangladeshi Bloggers Facing Terror and Machete Attacks

We went to Dhaka, where secular bloggers, writers, and publishers are being targeted with brutal methods aimed at suppressing free speech.
Ranbir Singh Sidhu

Hitler Is a Rock Star in South Asia

Businessmen in India and Nepal read 'Mein Kampf' right after they finish 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' and 'Who Moved My Cheese?'
David Caprara

Eating Indian Food Could Cure Your Winter Cold

As November’s chill sets in, rather than reach for the flu tablets, I pull out the ingredients for khichdi (the Indian answer to chicken soup) or Masala chai, the original cold cure.
Zab Mustefa

Why These South Asian Desserts Are Fighting Sexism

South Asian culture traditionally marks the birth of a baby boy by giving sweets known as ladoo. For girls, there is no such celebration, something gender equality activist Raj Khaira hopes to change with her Pink Ladoo Campaign.
Zab Mustefa

A Timelapse Look at One of the World's Deadliest Mountain Trails

Catch the calm side of the Annapurna Circuit in Aleks Kocev's new timelapse.
Nathaniel Ainley

The Kitchen Divides Pakistan's Rich and Poor

When visiting my extended family in Pakistan, I am hyper-aware of the differences between the rich and the poor. Even at home, the classes are separated as young, impoverished men cook meals in sweltering heat for their employers.
Javaria Akbar

The Prawn Goodbye

The average American consumes almost four pounds of shrimp a year—three times as much as they did 30 years ago and far more than any other seafood product. Now, a mysterious plague is wiping these little critters out, and there's very little we...
Michael Zelenko