South Korea

2 days ago

In 'Parasite,' Food Is a Violent Weapon of Class Struggle

Bong Joon-ho's bleak new movie turns food into a form of terror as it explores the desperation of trying to move up in the world.


In 2003, a Farmer Killed Himself to Protest Globalization. Little Has Changed

For years, farmers have said free trade policies have harmed them. Will the world finally start listening?


North Korea Said It Wants to Restart Nuclear Talks. Then It Tested Two More Missiles.

North Korea's short-range arsenal doesn't cross Washington's red line, but the missiles could hit U.S. allies Japan and South Korea.


This Team is Still Searching for Missing American Soldiers Decades After the Korean War

Meet the team still searching for American MIAs decades after the Korean War.


South Korea Fighter Jets Just Fired 360 Warning Shots at a Russian Aircraft

Russia hasn't said what its aircraft was doing there, but it fits a pattern of the Kremlin trying to stoke tensions in the region — and it worked.


South Korea: Trump and Kim Are Ready for Another Summit

Trump walked out of the last one, but South Korean President Moon Jae-In says he doesn't see it as a failure.


Man Acquitted on Charges He Tried to Fatten Himself Up with Fried Chicken to Avoid Army Service

Prosecutors argued that the 22-year-old Korean man intentionally gorged himself on chicken and booze before his physical exam.


This is not good news for relations between North and South Korea

Pyongyang is pulling out of the inter-Korean liaison office after new U.S. sanctions


A Geothermal Plant Likely Caused South Korea’s Second-Worst Earthquake

A government-commissioned survey found that fluid injection at a geothermal plant in Pohang was a probable cause for the destructive quake.


South Korea thinks Kim Jong Un might start testing missiles again

Seoul is “closely tracking and looking into all activity for possible scenarios including a missile launch.”


This woman is hoping Trump will help her return home to North Korea

She left her home in North Korea eight years ago, and she’s desperately been trying to make her way back ever since.


Spam Is 'Trendy' Now Thanks to Decades of American Imperialism

Ironically, Americans introduced Spam to countries abroad, only to then cast it off and eventually rediscover it.