South London


Sorry Wrote a Thumping, Eerie Jealousy Anthem

We're premiering "Jealous Guy"—no, not that one—from the South London band today.
Daisy Jones
Here's the Deal With...

Meet Theodor Black, the South London Rapper Blending Jazz and Ambience

The 20-year-old used to be part of the Reservoir music collective—but now he's going out on his own. Check his track and video “WEEKENDS” right here.
Daisy Jones
VICE Long Reads

The Man Who Lives Inside His Dreams

When the most important people in his life all died in quick succession, Stephen Wright channeled his bereavement into turning his house into a work of art.
Joe Zadeh
Noisey Hitlist

Welcome to Jamie Isaac’s World

Classically trained in piano, part of the jazz scene in London, Isaac is a special musician who is releasing a new album. We're premiering his latest video “Maybe” here.
Ryan Bassil

Meet the Rambunctious British Rap Collective House of Pharaohs

The UK group proves there is strength in numbers, patiently releasing music and growing together as a result.
Ryan Bassil
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

King Krule Soaked NPR's Tiny Desk in 'The Ooz'

The scruffy prince of South London served up 16 minutes of lounge chaos on your favorite office-based concert series.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey Hitlist

Throw Every Other Band in the Trash, Sorry Are Bringing Romance Back

Weed reek, damp steets, sat in stoned silence: this four piece are doing everything A&Rs have been searching for and rightfully failing to find.
Daisy Jones
Remembering Things

Giggs’s Early Mixtapes Were the Fuse That Sparked UK Rap

The pioneering 'Best of Giggs' series was akin to the Grand Theft Auto loading screen soundtrack, but set to the grey concrete streets of Peckham.
Francisco Garcia
New music

Section Boyz Are Back with Another One in the Shape of "Step In"

It feels like a natural successor to "Lock Arff".
Noisey UK Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Your Aesthetic Will Never Be As On-Point As Ray BLK's in This "My Hood" Performance

"Millennial pink" strikes again.
Lauren O'Neill
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Maggie’s Cafe Is a Greasy Spoon and Proud of It

Welcome back to The Last Bite, our column documenting the survival of traditional food establishments. Today we visit Maggie’s, a cafe that has been serving South London traditional fry-ups for 34 years.
Thomas Hobbs
Crystal Palace

The Neutrals’ Guide To Falling In Love With… Crystal Palace

In a new monthly series, we ask football fans what makes them love their clubs. Here, Crystal Palace fans, in their own words, tell us how to appreciate the joys of Selhurst Park.
Will Magee