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This Southern Cooking Technique Is the Key to Next-Level Comfort Food

Born and raised in Florida, chef Kia Damon shares her recipe for smothered chicken and rice.
Bettina Makalintal

Inside the Competitive, Cutthroat World of Making Bojangles Biscuits

I watched employees duke it out at this year’s Bojangles Master Biscuit Maker Competition—and even learned the 48-step process myself.
Jelisa Castrodale
southern food

College Dining Hall Nixes Southern Food Over Black History Month Backlash Fears

The University of Pennsylvania's decision follows pushback over Black History Month meals in other universities' dining halls.
Bettina Makalintal
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

How Black Women Weaponized Grits Against Cheating Men

A brief history of the women seizing this common pantry item—and, with it, power.
VICE Staff

Stop Calling Food 'Plantation'

In the most generous light, the word can be a clumsy stand-in for “Southern.” But the term can't be separated from enslavement.
Eric Ginsburg
Dirty Work

Savor this Never-Ending Summer with Tomato-Mayo Sandwiches and Fried Okra

If you run to your nearest farmer's market, you can snag the last of the heirlooms and gorge like Chef Chris McDade from Brooklyn's Popina.
Danielle Wayda

Lard Biscuits Recipe

Every Southern grandma knows that lard makes for the tenderest biscuits.
Cara Nicoletti
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These Shrimp and Grits Go Together Like Netflix and Chill

This Southern classic is simple to make, has infinite possible twists, and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Munchies Staff
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Make These Buttery Tex-Mex Biscuits Smothered in Chorizo Gravy

These ain’t your grandma’s biscuits and gravy—not unless your grandma happens to be a badass woman who doesn't mind skirting tradition to add a little Mexican flavor.
Munchies Staff
Best of 2016

Our Staff's Favorite Stories from 2016

We had one hell of a year—hunting reindeer and frogs, visiting underground restaurants in Compton, making frenemies at the Trump Tower bar. Here are our editorial staff’s favorite articles published in 2016.
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southern food

Reclaiming My Mexican Roots in a Pile of Buttery Biscuits

When I moved to Atlanta last year, I wondered if I would have to swap out California’s incredible Mexican food for good Southern food. In the end, I just synthesized the two.
Teresa Finney

Pimento Cheese Recipe

If you're from the South, this'll hit the spot. If you're not... Meet your new obsession.
Ashley Christensen