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White Nationalism

The State Department Just Suspended an Alleged White Nationalist Who Attended Charlottesville

A U.S. State Department official was moonlighting as a white nationalist leader in Washington, D.C., according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Tess Owen
White Nationalism

State Department Official Moonlit as a White Nationalist Leader and Attended Charlottesville, Report Says

He also hosted prominent racists and Holocaust deniers at his home in Virginia and spread Nazi propaganda online, according to Hatewatch.
Tess Owen

Twitter Has Started Researching Whether White Supremacists Belong on Twitter

"Is it the right approach to deplatform these individuals? Is the right approach to try and engage with these individuals? How should we be thinking about this? What actually works?"
Jason Koebler
Joseph Cox
Civil Rights

The Southern Poverty Law Center just fired its co-founder

The civil rights group said he failed to reflect “the mission of the organization and the values we hope to instill in the world.”
Emma Ockerman
Hate Groups

The number of U.S. hate groups keeps surging, largely thanks to young, white men

The number of hate groups nationwide reached a record high in 2018, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Tess Owen

A fourth white man has been found guilty for brutally beating DeAndre Harris in Charlottesville

Tyler Watkins Davis was responsible for dealing the blow that required Harris to get staples
Emma Ockerman

At least 110 Confederate monuments have been taken down in the last 3 years

And three new Confederate monuments have been dedicated.
Tess Owen
White Nationalism

White supremacists are ditching the Klan for khakis and memes, new study shows

The dramatic decline of KKK groups in the U.S. has coincided with the emergence of an internet-savvy movement.
Tess Owen

What I Learned on My Road Trip to Meet American Homophobia

I visited three anti-LGBTQ hate groups because I believed dialogue and contact could foster understanding. Now, I'm not so sure.
Morgan Thomas
Impact Equality

BTW, These Four States Legally Protect Confederate Monuments

These states are actively taking steps to protect monuments of America's racist past.
Katelyn Harrop
hate crimes

Noose left in black history museum just one of several racist incidents this week

Tess Owen
online harassment

A woman's lawsuit against a neo-Nazi's "troll storm" could change how to fight back against online harassment

Carter Sherman