• 9.21.16

      This Lamb Souvlaki Is Your Perfect Lunch All Year Long

      A lamb souvlaki wrap is the perfect remedy to your midsummer lunch ennui—although frankly, it's just as delicious any other time of year. And better yet, this little handheld is a breeze to prepare.

    • 5.23.14

      The Tommy Kruise Guide to Late-Night Montreal

      In Montreal, I'm hitting up dive bars, eating souvlaki, and chilling outside with my friends when the weather's nice. Too bad the food truck scene is still totally whack here.

    • 8.16.13

      Greek Neo-Nazi Beach Party!

      Mainstream Nazis have returned to Europe to openly read the anti-Semite blood libels The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the Greek Parliament, to suppress entire towns beneath their thumb as vigilante social "cleansers," to increasingly hold...

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